Welcome to the Wula Team

The Retreat is a 20 year old tradition that started with a few folks gathered for a weekend of drumming and learning. We have grown and expect around 250 people, with lots of faculty members teaching drum and dance from around the world. Please take a moment to look through the website, and make sure you are familiar with the Information page.

Please think of yourself as a worker at the camp and be pro-active to help keep things in general order. Please try to be independent in your tasks. The goal is to eliminate work for John and Michael so they can deal with more managerial tasks. 

General duties

  • Check on teachers all the time (but don't be annoying). Ask them if they need anything. The teachers are our VIPs - we need to make sure they are comfortable and happy.
  • In general, attendees to not read the information and do not always feel comfortable reading a map to get to classes, etc., so a lot of what we do is helping people who are less self sufficient have a good time.
    • Some people are elderly and need help getting up and down the big hill (we will try to provide a shuttle van this year)
    • People need to know where to go - so all workstudy folks need to be very familiar with the map and with all the general information of where people should be. 
  • Tidy up areas that look chaotic. Take ownership of the area and try to solve problems as you see fit.

While in class:

  • Tell the teacher how much time they have left in class! You can just raise your 5 fingers and mouth the words slowly "5 minutes" when there are about 10 minutes left :) It's ok to end a little early. Should really try to not go late. Most teachers never check the time! They wait for somebody to tell them! And we don't have clocks in every room.
  • Take care of spills, situations in the classes you are taking. We typically won't pull you out of class, but while you are there please be "in charge"
  • Be "in charge" but don't butt heads with the teacher. The teacher runs the class and we try to facilitate (again, they are our VIPs!)
  • Keep an eye on your phone between classes for instructions from John or Michael
  • Respond to group text messages to say "I got it" if something is asked of the group. Then all other folks know it's taken care of. 

Camp general info and Rules

  • No cars anywhere but the parking lot. People always try to take advantage of this, because it is a huge bummer to have to carry all your stuff. The key is for everybody to be patient - we have golf carts and Pocono Valley staff to get bags to people's cabins.

  • It's pretty loose

  • No Smoking in the cabins
  • The golf carts belong to the camp. They are not for us to use, but we can ask the Pocono camp staff for what we need with the carts.


To Do

Meet as a group and get all these tasks assigned (without John or Michael if possible!)

  • Ask Pocono valley staff how we can print this list. Get email address for John to email the document to, and get copies to work with as checklists.
  • Tag all Dance Sangban (#1-12). Use small red tags from office box
  • Move Valerie's Gyil from her car to Arts & Crafts. Ask her when she wants to move them and try to make it happen without John or Michael. She can drive her car on the path but not on any grass or any side of a building.
  • Friday at 10:30 am. move Zabutoo's drum from Rec 3 to Rec 1
    Grey Wula Bag, says ZA on it
    Sunday 9:15, move same drum from Rec 1 to Rec 3
  • Sweep floors in Rec 3 as needed for dance classes (always before each class)
  • Mop dance floors as needed (always once after the last class of the day, spot mop between classes, but be careful not to mop and then have a wet floor for dance class)
  • Move mop from Dining hall to Rec 3. Dining hall is cleaned by custodial staff.
  • Class setup for the classes you are taking (see Class Setup)
  • Afro-Cuban and Brazilian percussion have one big set of drums that are used for drum classes (in Rec 2) and dance classes (Rec 3). They need to be moved back and forth - look at the schedule to see when they would need to move from one place to another. West African drums stay, but sometimes teachers need help with their drum.
  • Get to classes early so you can help switch the room from what it was to what it needs to be. e.g. djembe class is circle of chairs and dunduns, Brazilian class is no chairs, all standing.. dance class is clear floor with chairs for drummers. This mostly takes care of itself but please take the lead to get it done before the class start time.
  • John needs to confirm with Michael how we process sales and then make sure Sandra knows what we are doing
  • Move all balafones to Arts & Crafts
  • Ask Michael Pluznick how you can help him regarding the Jam Room.
  • Move drums to jam room as requested by Michael P, check with John/Michael before taking Wula stuff there
  • Shirts:
    Ya'll need Wula shirts! We need to do a count of the shirts and sizes first

  • Do a count of the shirts and sizes
    - If we can find masking tape, can wrap shirts into rolls with a piece of tape around the middle, and write size on masking tape
    - One of each size of shirt (Mens SM M L XL, Womens S M L XL) should be loose and ready to show somebody.

Ask Pocono Valley Staff:

  • Can we have water coolers and cups for people in Rec 3? Need lots of water there
  • Are fans in the right places? Have a few huge fans we can use, I'm thinking to have 2 in Rec 3
  • What's the best way to get mop water and cleaner, and how to dispose of it.. 
  • Masking tape for rolling t-shirts


  • Tasks
    • Setup store on Thursday
      • 2-3 tables
      • Lapas/fabrics covering the tables
      • Store display [[LINK TO GOOGLE DRAWING]]
      • Price Lists displayed
      • Product descriptions displayed
      • T-shirt displayed hanging and size options
      • Additional Stock is under the table
      • Keep everything looking clean
    • Rules for Cash Box
      • 1 - Michael takes in after store closing
      • 2 - Always locked unless you are actively making sales (can unlock the drawer and then just push the drawer to access)
      • 3
      • 4
    • Instructions for using Shopify POS
      • 1
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4
      • 5
  • At least 2 people at the store during high-traffic times.
  • Ask Sandra how you can help her and when
  • Ask John about the products - what they are and what they do.
  • People ask lots of questions about products. We hope to sometime soon have a detailed catalog, but for now they need to speak with John or Michael if you don't know. 
  • Payments should be processed by John or Michael or Sandra
  • [[[Shopify POS app on the iPad/iPhone requires internet, but has all our products in it ready to go! John has hotspot on his phone.. Pocono Valley wifi is not good in dining hall. Need to figure this out. Square can do offline sales, so we may switch to that if it's linked to the right account..]]]
  • We have rentals only for those who reserved them, otherwise we are gonna run out. People are just taking rental drums. Please help us keep this under wraps. Rental djembes have the 4 digit SKU# from inside the horn written on a red tag and attached, while dundun rentals have tags attached with numbers starting at #1. On the back of the tag, write the person's name who rented it so they can keep track. 
  • Raffle tickets are 5 dollars. Prizes will be announced at meai time and on display. Sell raffle tickets to everybody all the time. Important: Always keep one half of the ticket and put it in the raffle box

Click here for PRICE LIST

  • Use retail prices until further notice. May have special retreat prices for some items.
  • Try to sell lots of T-shirts. Prices are $25 for one, or $20 for 2 - we have less shirts than people at camp, we need to sell out at camp. 



Need 2 folks on hand during check-in times to help move luggage, etc.

  • Thursday 3-4 pm.
  • Friday 8-9 am. (during breakfast)
  • Friday 4-5 pm. (before dinner)
  • Saturday 8 am.
  • Ask if people need help moving luggage. At least 2 people

Class Setup

Djembe classes

  • 20-30-40? Chairs in circle 
  • Dundunba on 2 chairs with bell attached and stick in the ropes of the drum
  • Sangba on 2 chairs, with bell attached and stick in the ropes of the drum
  • Kenkeni on 2 chairs, with bell attached and stick in the ropes of the drum

[will finish this later if needed.. teachers and experienced students usually do this]