We don't use stars, just un-edited customer feedback.
All reviews are copied & pasted from our post-retreat anonymous survey,
or from e-mails we receive each year after the Retreat.

"I came to this retreat with only a few weeks of drumming experience and shy to play in front of anyone but left three days later completely comfortable playing djembe.  The morning to late night classes had us engaged all day.  This is a great community of people all together for the common magic of music and dancing."

"This is my 3rd time attending and it's starting to feel like home. And seeing familiar faces... I love it! I'll be back for year #4."
"I've gone to Wula several years now and I couldn't do without it! It completes my summer after the summer is done! Its a great experience for dance & drum with lots of good energy."
"Retreat was awesome as usual. Teachers fantastic, so talented yet humble. Great mix of genres. Can't wait till next year."
"First timer! Just what I was hoping for, WOW. The staff and atmosphere were fantastic. Telling all my neighbors about it, but I wish Iwere closer instead of being from Ohio. Hope to attend next year."

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for organizing yet another wonderful weekend of drumming and dancing. The accommodations were excellent, the teachers great and the vibe perfect!"

"I got more than I expected from this retreat. Fantastic setting, great staff, approachable instructors, and a great community of people."

"There's like this buzz, if you tune in, you can almost hear it. Everyone is in harmony. Everyone is there with their energy totally focused on the music. It's an amazing experience!"

"I had a great time,  enjoyed the facility, the faculty, was fantastic,  the show on Saturday night was unbelievable,  Of course I will be back next year for more.   thank you again for this awesome experience."

"2016 was my third year at the Wula retreat and I can't think of a better drumming experience in my lifetime. It is like going to West Africa on a budget."

"Pure joy, judgement free zone, warm hearts, lifted spirits and multi-generational celebrations!"

"Truly inspiring and reinvigorating!  What a tremendous way to recharge your soul!"
"This reunion of Grands masters giving workshop is an incredible experience!"

"I had a great time. Please tell Michael that it was the best conference I have ever attended. I really liked the space, the teachers, how accessible the teachers were to talk to, the energy of the people that came, and the layout of the program.

Thanks again for all you do at Wula.  I love the atmosphere you all create at the workshop/retreat. I'm truly grateful to have met wonderful people and have had the pleasure to take classes from such exceptional teachers and musicians.  My spirit is rejuvenated!  Thank you!"

"I just had to tell you what an amazing time I had at the retreat!!! It was absolutely mind-blowing, from the beautiful teachers to the sweet, sweet classes, the overwhelming sense of community and love, the gorgeous setting...I still can't stop smiling! Thank you for your incredible vision and direction - for bringing it all together, for creating a safe, non-threatening, open, inviting and inspiriational space for all of us to share and thrive in, and for leading in such a wise, strong, precise and wholly humble way. I'm counting down the months till next year's! Yeeeeeaaaa!!! :)"

"You have no ideas how this week-end inspired me. It was so nice to meet all these icons of the Guinea music and dance. I was really touch when, on the Sunday 11h am get together you introduce all the teachers and sharing with us a little bit of their stories. We all know how much work it is to organize something like this, and I want to make sure you understand that I appreciated every second of it. It’s one of the most beautiful experience I ever lived. A big thank you to you and all the members of your team who worked to make this wonderful event.Can’t wait for next year! Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you very much for making my first camp experience an unforgettable one. It was an excellent program: The music, the drumming and the dances were "out of this world." The food was great, and the staff could not be better. Note: I also got to meet fantastic people of different cultures."
"This was much first Wula Retreat and I will be returning next year. I can't stop thinking about how much fun I experienced during those 4 days. The teachers and people attending made my time at the Pocono Valley Resort a memorable one. Thank You!"
"If you are a lover of humanity have an open heartand curious to learn the music you need to be here"
A life transforming journey troughrhythms and movements
 guided by great masters
 among beautiful souls loving to unite in harmony
 echoing from the gorgeous nature
"Everything was great. Everyone wore permanent smiles. Thank you for another beautiful memory."
"What a fabulous experience! In three short days, I learned so much, made some wonderful new friends and had the best time."
"Thank you for the opportunity to commune with drummers and dancers from around the globe. I had the opportunity to dance and attempt percussion classes. I can't express how elated I was to be able to dance and send off Baba Richard Gonzales. Thank you for making this possible."
"Wula Drum and Dance Retreat is an amazing expereince for the beginner through advanced. There is much to learn, wonderful people to meet, and a great spirit of openess and dedication. It joyous opportunity oflifetime."
"Every teacher I experienced was outstanding and so giving and kind to their students.  There is no where where in one weekend you learn dances from around the world to live music.  The opportunity to learn from such great teachers of music and dance is so special and the community of students is lovely. Everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic."