Yoga at the Retreat


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Classes will be held in Rec Hall 6 - Bring your mat!


Korean by descent, Singapore raised, and American born, Coira Lee is a creative yogi and dancer with a “live-what-you-preach” mentality. She loves seeing movement as a way to harness chi through the energetic and physical body. She has a 15 year dance background, training all over the world with Alvin Ailey, American Academy of Ballet, and Korea National Ballet, to name a few.  She also has extensive contemporary training under the best teachers in Graham technique, Horton, Contact Improvisation and Gaga.

The language she uses in her yoga class is often heavily influenced by her extensive training in dance, chi-gong, and the Iyengar practice.  She loves to fuse different forms of movement into her vinyasa flow. With passion, she hopes to build a healthy community while helping people gain body-awareness and tap into their chi/prana by offering fun new ways of connecting breath with movement.