CELEBRATING THE ORISHA: Special Class with Baba Richard González and Quenia Ribeiro


SATURDAY AT 1:45pm. in Rec Hall 3

The Africans who were brought to the Caribbean represent a wide range of people and kingdoms from West Africa with different dances to express their beliefs. These dances although different in detail, are based on a foundation of respect for God, Nature, Family, Elders, Ancestor and respect for self. 

ORISHAS / ORIXAS / LOAS-are forces that symbolize the strengths and phenomena of nature that originate from the Yoruba, Dahomey, Fon, Arada, Lucumi and other derived traditions also known as Afro-Cuban Santeria / Brazilian Candomblé / Haitian-Voudun found throughout the Caribbean and the World. We celebrate these forces with music, dance, and song. 

In this special workshop Baba Richard and Queñia along with Tiga, Atibon and the drummers lead participants with songs and dances associated with these specific cultural rhythms, absorbing the strengths and phenomena of these forces such as OBATALÁ / ORIXALÁ / DAMBALLAH - DIVINE FORCES OF AUTHORITY, PEACE AND ASHÉ.

This workshop is open to all levels. 

Participants are encouraged to wear white clothing for this special workshop:
- Women wear large flowing skirts which play an important role in the interpretation of female forces.
- Men use large scarfs