Baba Richard González talks about teaching dance

The leader of the Afro-Caribbean program at the Wula Retreat is Baba Richard Gonzalez. We've been lucky to have him teaching at the Retreat for many years. His classes include many different Afro-Diasporic dances, including Cuban, Haitian, and Puerto Rican.

Baba Richard Gonzalez is a professional dancer from Puerto Rico, specializing in traditional dance from Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. His educational background includes Katherine Dunham technique and Haitian folklore at the New York City based studios Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and at Steps on Broadway. Mr. Gonzalez is founder of the award-winning OCHUMARE Dance Ensemble. He tours extensively, teaching, and performing throughout the United States and the Caribbean, including the Colorado Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Omega Institute, and the New Orleans African Heritage Dance Festival at Tulane University. His commitment to the rich traditions of the Caribbean fuels his passion for documenting Afro-Caribbean dances and ensuring their preservation through performance and education. He is a priest in the Regla de Ocha de los Lucumí, a position that informs his research into both the ritual and the secular dances of the Caribbean.

Baba Gonzalez is recognized world wide as one of the most prominent master teachers of Afro-Caribbean folkloric dance.