Drum Building at the Retreat with Wula's Yamoussa "Yambig" Sylla

yambig sylla

We're very excited to announce that we are bringing our production director from Guinea, Yamoussa "Yambig" Sylla, to help people build, tune, and fix djembes at the Retreat.

This is a rare opportunity to have your drum serviced by the guy who oversees all drum production in Guinea - learn straight from the source!


Here are three ways you can learn from or have your drum serviced by Yambig:

1.) Drop your djembe off at the Retreat and we'll repair it and ship it to you

Yambig will remain at Wula in New York for a few weeks after the Retreat to repair djembes. Drop your busted drum off and enjoy the Retreat. Then enjoy FREE SHIPPING of your drum back to you after the repairs are done.

  • Bring your djembe in need of repair to the Wula Retreat
  • Get a quote for what a repair would cost (take a look here for a general idea)
  • We'll let you know when it's done (give it a few weeks after the Retreat) and you can pick it up in New York or we can ship to you at no extra cost (inside USA).

2.) Learn from Yambig how to tune your djembe

  • Yambig will give pointers on how to tune your drum.
  • He will evaluate the drum and let you know if it needs additional services and what the fee would be for those services, e.g. loosening all the rope and re-pulling the verticals. 
  • Simply drop by during the Drum Making hours on the schedule.
  • Tips are appreciated!

3.) Build a Djembe with Yambig at the Retreat

You can sign up for this service by purchasing the "Drum Building" service on the Retreat Store for $50.

  • Bring your own shell and supplies or buy a shell and/or supplies from Wula at the Retreat.
  • Please budget about 5 hours for this at the Retreat, during the time that Drum Making is offered on the schedule (you have some options)


Step 1 - Mount the skin and lace the djembe - Approx. 2 hours
Must be completed by last Drum Making session as per the schedule

Leave to Dry on Friday

Step 2 - Pull/Tune the djembe - Approx. 2 hours
Saturday during Drum Making on the schedule

Required Equipment:

Djembe Shell

**Rings are included with shells ordered for the Drum Building Course.**

You can:

  1. Order a shell on wuladrum.com and make a note on your order for us to bring it to the Retreat for you including rings.   View shells on wuladrum.com ->
  2. Bring your own shell with rings
  3. Browse a limited but great selection of djembe shells at the Retreat and buy one there.

Drum Making Supplies
We offer the following supplies in bulk at the Retreat. Get a discounted kit for $75 which includes all supplies, or purchase a la carte:

  • Djembe skin (goat skin or cow skin)
  • 80 ft. of 5.5mm Djembe rope (non-stretch rope)
  • 30 ft. 4mm Djembe rope for tying rings
  • Ribbon for covering rings