Build a Djembe with Yambig Sylla


Build a Djembe with Yambig Sylla


We're very excited to announce that we are bringing our production director from Guinea, Yamoussa "Yambig" Sylla, to help people build, tune, and fix djembes at the Retreat.

  • Bring your own shell and supplies or buy a shell and/or supplies from Wula at the Retreat.
  • Please budget about 5 hours for this at the Retreat, during the time that Drum Making is offered on the schedule (you have some options)
  • Sign up by adding this item to your order, or come back and add this item later, any time.
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Step 1 - Mount the skin and lace the djembe - Approx. 2 hours
Wednesday or Thursday - must be completed by last Drum Making session on Thursday as per the schedule

-----Leave to Dry on Friday-----

Step 2 - Pull/Tune the djembe - Approx. 2 hours
Saturday during Drum Making on the schedule

Required Equipment

Djembe Shell
Includes metal rings (wood

You can:

  1. Bring your own shell with rings
  2. Order a shell on and make a note on your order for us to bring it to the Retreat for you. view shells->
  3. Browse a limited but great selection of djembe shells at the Retreat and buy one there.

Drum Making Supplies
We offer the following supplies in bulk at the Retreat. 

Get a discounted kit for $75 which includes all supplies, or purchase a la carte.

  • Djembe skin (goat skin or cow skin)
  • 80 ft. of 5.5mm Djembe rope (non-stretch rope)
  • 30 ft. 4mm Djembe rope for tying rings
  • Ribbon for covering rings