How to Register

  1. Read this page
  2. Click the "Ready to Register" button at the bottom of this page
  3. Add items to your cart
  4. Click on your cart to check out

You will enter your information (cabin groupings, dietary restrictions, etc.) during the checkout process.
To pay by check or cash, contact us –

Example of ticket

Example of ticket

Everybody: Select a Ticket

  • Add a ticket to the cart for each person attending.
  • Use the drop down menu to select the "type" of ticket (Adult, Youth, etc.)
  • We provide many options to try to meet all schedule needs. We can't offer customized schedules, please choose the ticket that works best for your schedule.
Example of rental

Example of rental

Optional: Drum Rentals

  • Please bring your own instruments, or rent an instrument in advance if you want to take drum classes.
  • You will need a djembe to take djembe classes.
  • You will need a dundun to take the Dundun Dance classes.
  • Make sure to add a rental to your cart for everybody who needs one.
Example of transportation

Example of transportation

Optional: Transportation to/from NYC

  • We offer a shuttle bus service to and from the Retreat from New York City.
  • Details can be found on the "Plan Your Trip" section of the information page.  
  • Make sure to add Wula Bus to your cart for each person who will take the bus.