See Wula Faculty Valerie Naranjo Perform in NYC on Aug 18th

From Valerie:

The beloved gyil (West African marimba) and its drum-mates the kuar and gangaa play the ancient music of Ghana’s Lobi/Brifo Lobi/Miirwo, Waala, Sisalaa, and Dagaraa societies of Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast. Every time I encounter these amazing people, including the astounding master musicians, I learn more about what it means to live as a human being in a tight and happy community!  Gyil/kuar music reflects that spirit in such a wonderful way, and it is a real privilege to have encountered it, and to have a wonderful musical and life partner to make this music together!!!

Gyil master and international collaborator Kakraba Lobi taught me about gyil’s manifestation in American music (thank you Barry and your genius percussion and piano playing, and thank you CSC for having a great piano on the bandstand!)

It will have been a year since Barry and I have performed in public in New York City (although India, Cuba twice, etc.) How wonderful to be given the opportunity to perform for the entire night at CSC this time around.

We will intersperse my favorite Native American songs with traditional Gyil wonders, and fusions of the two and beyond.

8 and 9:30PM (two sittings, although I’m sure that you can stay for the 2nd if you are at at the 1st)
Cornelia Street Cafe 29 Cornelia Street NYC (close to the A and D train stops)
 212-989-9319 for reservations (which are highly recommended, since the house sold out last year)

it will be Barry on kuar, gangaa, piano, vocals . . . . . . me on gyil, the “grandmother" of the solo Western marimba . . . .  vocals and other instruments

I thank you for you “ear” and hope that if you aren’t able to join us, you might forward this to a comrade who appreciates simple and sincere vocal music and complex and soulful West African instrumental music.

Thanking you for your friendship and support!