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Retreat Facilities

Pocono Valley Resort
300 Camp Akiba Road
Stroudsburg, PA

You can go here and type in your address to get directions:

There are many ways to get to camp.  Please check out our page "Getting There."

Note: Use written directions as a backup in case you lose reception out in the sticks. The location is only 90 minutes from NYC or Philly, but keep in mind that afternoon traffic can really tack on some time, and spoil one’s mood. Come up in time to unpack, chill, have dinner, and then jump in. 


Visit the Gallery for more photos of the beautiful venue.

Included Amenities and Activities

Pocono Valley Resort is used for camps and events of all sizes and types.  They truly have something for everybody.  In addition to plenty of parking, the expansive grounds have walking trails and all of these great amenities, included in the price of the Retreat*:

Free WIFI: There is a decent internet connection close to the main office that you can use whenever you want.  It will not reach down to the cabins.

Swimming: 2 large/lap-sized outdoor pools!

Zip Line: Fabulous zipline over the lake, even at night!

Massage*: Make an appointment and heal those achy muscles!

Bonfires: Roast some marshmallows and gaze into the flames.

Hiking: Get away from those crazy drummers and find tranquility.

Sports: The office will loan out basketballs, tennis rackets, etc. Have fun!

Boating: There is a beachfront and boats - go paddle out on the lake!

*Our licensed massage therapists make individual appointments 

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Food and Lodging


  • The cabins have either 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 beds. They are single beds, on a wood frame.
  • Each cabin has lights electrical outlets, and a closet/storage space.
  • The cabins are fully powered with electricity and hot water. Each cabin has bathrooms with toilet, sink, mirror, and shower (bring your own toiletries and towels).
  • The bunks are not heated. Feel free to bring a "fire-safe" electric blanket or space heater.
  • The bunks do not include anything except the mattress. Please bring all your own bedding. Most people use a sleeping bag and pillow. You can use whatever you want, but please be prepared for September weather. The past few years it has been in the 40s and 50s at night. Here is a List of What To Bring
outside the cabin

outside the cabin

inside the cabin


Housing Arrangements

You and your crew - groups of 5+

The best way to attend the Retreat is in a group. Confirming your group is easy:

  • During checkout/registration, each person registering lists the names of the other people in the group.

  • If your group has 5 or more people, you will have your own cabin for your group automatically - there is no need to confirm with us as long as you have followed the instructions during checkout/ registration and listed the names of the people in your group.
  • If your group has 4 people or less, you will automatically be assigned to a cabin with other retreaters that we divide up by Men's and Women's cabins. You provide all your preferences and information during the checkout/registration when you register online. 

Meet a new crew

If you come by yourself or with a group of 4 or less, you will automatically be assigned to a cabin with other retreaters. We may be able to offer cabins to smaller groups (couples, etc. - please contact us).

  • During the checkout process, please specify whether you want to stay in a men's or women's cabin. If you have any questions about this, please let us know and we'll make sure you are comfortable.
  • As retreaters sign up, we look at the whole resort and work to make everybody as comfortable as possible. If you have any special requirements, please let us know during checkout.
  • Visit the Retreat Forum to find like-minded folks to stay with.

Families get their own cabin*

This includes anybody with children under 17. If you are coming to the retreat with kids, we'll make sure there is a cabin for you and yours. Please make the correct ticket choice and provide the required information on the checkout/registration – we'll see the youth tickets and make the arrangements for you. 

*Based on cabin availability!

Group Discount (10+)

We love groups! We have many large cabins and can accommodate large groups at the Retreat. To get the group discount and an exclusive cabin for your group:

  • Register by July 12th
  • 10+ people in your group
  • "Super Early Bird Pricing" for everybody in the group

    Please follow these guidelines for all group registrations
  • Group "leader" writes the names of everybody in the group on their registration
  • Group "members" write the name of their group leader on their registration
  • Once the group reaches 10+, we'll refund the discount (Active Rate minus Super Early Bird rate) to each order
  • To register 10+ at one time you may contact us - - to get the Super Early Bird discount applied during checkout
  • New members of your group after you hit 10 can continue register until July 12th and we'll refund the discount
  • There is no group or early registration ticket price lower than the Super Early Bird discount – that's as low as it goes!
  • View Tickets and Rates Page->

Need Privacy?

Many retreaters request private accommodations. Since this is a group housing situation with large cabins of 8-16 bunks, groups of less than 5 people who want their own space (couples, small groups, etc.) can request "private housing", which we offer on an extremely limited basis.

  • We are usually sold out of this option within 2-4 weeks of opening registration in February.
  • The cost is $25 per person, per night.
  • If you don't see the private housing products on the registration page that means we're sold out.

You are more than welcome to bring your tent or RV and camp at the Retreat in a designated camping area.

  • Retreaters who camp have access to a cabin with a bathroom (hot shower, toilet, etc.) and all other amenities (all meals, snacks, etc.)
  • There are no RV hookups at the resort.
  • Please make sure to let us know if you are camping or bringing an RV by following the instructions in your checkout/registration.

Stay in a nearby Hotel

There are many hotels within 10 miles of the retreat. If you stay in a hotel, we'll refund you $25/person/night. Or you can use these codes at checkout:

  • 1NightHotel - $25 off coupon
  • 2NightsHotel - $50 off coupon
  • 3NightsHotel - $75 off coupon
  • 4NightsHotel - $100 off coupon

Look at this Google Map to see many hotel options for under $75 per night, and many other options:

This map is 10 miles wide

This map is 10 miles wide


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and More
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are served every day.

  • Cafeteria-style service
  • Varied menu with options for all diets
  • Salad Bar with leafy greens (spinach, kale), beans, eggs, salad toppings
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, and tea are available 24/7

Food for all diets: The camp kitchen will make something delicious for everyone! There will be options for everybody, including vegetarian and vegan, at every meal. If you need to keep your own food there, it is no problem! They have a huge kitchen and can have it refrigerated and kept safe for you. 

Food Allergies: The kitchen prepares food year-round for large groups and they are aware of, and sensitive to, food allergies. There are always several staff members serving food, so you can ask somebody if you have a question about a particular dish.

Styrofoam Plates: The camp provides styrofoam plates and plastic silverware. We have requested alternatives, but at this time, we encourage you to bring a plate and silverware to help save the environment if you care to do so.

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Instrument Rentals

Please bring instruments
There are many folks who don't have instruments who will want to drum, and although we will bring a truckload of drums from our warehouse, we're always worried that we won't have enough! Please bring your own drums to play and let us know if you can help by bringing extra drums. We have a rental system in place to reserve a djembe, but we are counting on the retreat community to help us with more djembes, dunduns, balafons, congas, etc.  We will make sure people know the drums belong to you and they will stay in assigned classrooms so you know where they are and so they are not moved around campus without your supervision. 

Instrument Rentals
Need a djembe? We have a limited amount of Wula Drum Djembes available for rent in advance for the weekend. You will have a djembe with your name on it at the Retreat for any and all classes you wish to take.

If you need a drum just for a class or two, we will have extras available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Weekend Djembe Rental
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Weekend Dundun Rental
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Getting There

There are many ways to get to the Retreat


GPS Address

The official address for GPS is:

300 Camp Akiba Road
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Please plan carefully to avoid heavy traffic coming from the big cities. Write down the directions as a backup because you may lose data and phone reception while you are on your way. The data and phone reception at the camp is generally pretty good.

Click here for Driving Directions

Wula Bus from NYC

Join other drummers, dancers, and faculty on the Wula Bus!

Going there:
Meet at 2580 7th Ave New York, NY 10039
There may be other buses waiting - look for our sign or for a bunch of drum and dance heads! 

  • Wednesday 1:30 pm. boarding
  • Thursday 1:30 pm. boarding
  • Friday 1:30 pm. boarding
    *This bus is free but you still have to buy a ticket for $0 to register for the bus

Wula Retreat Parking Lot

  • Sunday 2 pm. 


Important Bus Info:

  • The bus will leave at 2 pm. - no exceptions. Every year, somebody calls us just before 2pm. saying they are stuck in traffic. Please treat this like a plane ticket - many people are ready to get to the Retreat and we simply cannot linger after 2pm. Feel free to show up before 1:30 to be safe!
  • The trip is about 2 hours
  • We try to do the whole trip without stopping
  • The cost is $25 each direction and tickets are sold separately for each bus ride.
  • Please buy your bus ticket on this website when you register for the Retreat - simply add it to your cart. Please add the Friday bus even though it is $0 so we can have you on our bus list.
  • You can also add the ticket later by visiting the register page any time until the week of the retreat.  
  • The Friday bus is free because we recognize with our "any time arrival" on Friday, people coming in the afternoon will be missing some classes. You will arrive at the Retreat in time for dinner on Friday and the evening classes. Please add the Friday bus to your cart when you register, it will not add any $, but that is how we know you are on the bus! If you have a Friday ticket, you can show up as early as 8am. Check out the Retreat Forum to try and find a ride down earlier in the day.

Flying in?

Take public transit to our bus

Directions to Wula bus from LGA
Directions to Wula bus from JFK
Directions to Wula bus from EWR