Check in for Retreat

When you arrive at the Retreat, please:

  1. Check in at Registration in the dining Hall (see map).  
    • Tell us your name/the name of the person who bought the ticket
    • Get your cabin assignment
    • Get a copy of the schedule and a map of the grounds
    • Get a welcome/information packet
    • *If you have a "One-Nighter" ticket, you will need to put a credit card on file (like a hotel), which will be released when you check out.
  2. Secure your drum rental(s) if you have rented a drum
  3. Settle up any remaining balance or ticket adjustments
  4. Do not drive your car onto the Retreat grounds - all vehicles can only be in the parking lot. We have a crew with golf carts that will help you get your luggage to your cabin. 
  5. Get settled in your cabin and then dive into the Retreat!